Fresh Organic Vegetables

In Season locally Grown And bursting with flavor!! Indulge in the freshest and tastiest treats that nature has to offer, right at your fingertips!

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Grown Not Flown

Fresh Cut Flowers

In Ranger, Texas, our flowers blossom on the farm. Your purchase is a nod to supporting local talent!

Unlike the humdrum supermarket and standard online flower deliveries, our blooms are nurtured with the earth and your health in mind. No chemicals used on our farm, and locally sourced to skip those air miles.

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Lallygag Lane

Grass-Fed Free Range Meat

animals are raised using natural, regenerative farming methods allowing them to live their best lives. Fed organic, non-GMO, and soy-free feed from a local Texas veteran-owned mill to supplement some of our pasture grazing programs.

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Baked Goods & Jellys

Nelda Hits it outta the park with Fresh Breads, Jams, Jelly, Biscuits, Hand Sewn Home Goodies & More! Nelda is the queen of delicious treats! From scrumptious breads to mouthwatering jams and biscuits, she's got it all.

Bee's & Biscuits


Their honey is produced using traditional methods, and they offer a variety
of honey products. From raw honey to honey butter and
everything in between, they have something for everyone.

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Izzis Garden

A Family affair

Microgreens, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Bread, Fresh Goat Milk Soap based in Eastland, Texas

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Gold Mettle Kettle

Kettle Corn

The scent of freshly popped corn, coated in just the right amount of sweetness, will waft through the air, capturing your attention and leaving you craving for more.

Lady Bird Pearl, A Texas Cottage Bakery


Small batch cottage bakery.Inspired by Lady Bird Johnson.Where flowers bloom so does hope.

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B & G Cattle Company

It is 100% Texas, USA born, raised and processed.

Proud 5th generation Texans, rooted in agriculture, B & G Meat Company is dedicated to providing fellow Texans with 100% natural, USA-born, and raised beef. Their small herd of registered Angus mama cows, raised without hormones or antibiotics, ensures a wholesome, flavorful product. From numbered ear tags at birth to vet visits, they prioritize the well-being of their cattle. Grazed on sweet forages, our beef reflects the care of their family-owned, earth-friendly West Texas farm.

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Spring Fed Farm

Regenerative Agriculture Pasture Raised Animals

Their approach is simple yet impactful. "Pasture Raised" means their animals thrive outdoors, rotating intensively for fresh pasture, fostering natural behaviors, and enhancing the land. Although not certified organic, Spring Fed Farm prioritizes organic practices. They prioritize soil quality and plant health, trusting the Earth to provide, striving to work harmoniously with nature.

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Chela’s Cocina

Best Taco's, Burrito's & More

Prepare for culinary delights from Chela's Cocina. Their menu boasts tacos that induce joyful dances and burritos offering comforting satisfaction. Experience a flavor bonanza, where every bite is a celebration for your palate.

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