• What is a REKO ring?

    This new model involves establishing a collective of food producers and
    customers in an online group known as a “REKO” ring - an abbreviation
    for “fair consumption” in Finnish, its country of origin.

  • An Innovative Sales Approach for Small-Scale Food Producers and Consumers That Benefits All.

    REKO functions as a self-reliant platform connecting local communities with nearby food producers, challenging conventional supermarkets and unsustainable supply chains. Through a Phone App, customers gain direct access to diverse, high-quality local products, while producers receive fair prices.

  • A weekly collection point

    and time are set for group members to bring pre-sold products to customers who have reserved them. This streamlined process allows customers to efficiently collect diverse products from various producers at one location, saving time for both parties. Producers swiftly return to farm responsibilities, while customers enjoy convenient access to fresh, organic local produce without the challenges of urban market parking or the impersonal supermarket experience.

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