• No-Till

    We avoid traditional plowing and cultivation, preserving the soil structure and minimizing disruption to the ecosystem. Instead, seeds are planted directly into untilled soil, reducing erosion, improving water retention, and promoting sustainable agriculture by maintaining the natural balance of the soil.

  • Organic

    We use a sustainable agricultural approach that avoids synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. We emphasize soil health, biodiversity, and ecological balance, promoting natural processes like crop rotation and composting. As organic farmers we prioritize environmental stewardship, and delivering produce free from synthetic chemicals.

  • Vegetables & Flowers

    We provide our community with access to fresh, locally grown produce and flowers, fostering a connection between consumers and local farmers. By supporting local agriculture, we promote sustainability, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the well-being of both individuals and the community.


The Market

serves as a platform for local producers to showcase their commitment to food freedom. By providing a venue for these passionate individuals, we fuel our local supply chain, promoting community resilience and supporting the principles of sustainable, locally sourced food.

Market Info


Videos & Farm Tours

We educate through YouTube instructional videos, farm tours, and at The Market. Whether online or face-to-face, our goal is to share knowledge about sustainable farming practices, food production, and the importance of supporting local agriculture. These educational initiatives aim to empower and engage our community in making informed, conscious choices.

Farm Tours & Videos

The Bigger Picture

The School

Our project envisions eight accommodations historically themed to Ranger, Farm-to-Fork dining, a Wedding/Event Venue, a Community Learning Center, and two acres dedicated to Flower and Vegetable production. By combining historically-inspired lodging, culinary experiences, events, and agricultural production, we aim to create a multifaceted destination that immerses visitors in history, nature, and sustainable living.